Accord Euro R Cl1 0 100

вот цифры км ч 8с 190км ч 32с accord euro cl1 […]

H22a euro mods fujitsubo power getter exhaust fujitsubo super ex manifold mugen airbox hondata s300 honda cl1 euro on the dyno […]

Just installed new pod filter so heres vid of the acceleration and sounds gotta love that sound sorry for bad quality accidentally had my camera set to lowest quality instead of 720p honda accord euro […]

今度は平坦な道での撮影 ガソリンランプ点灯寸前の状態で撮影 90kgの軽量化とマフラー交換燃圧upでの測定 タイヤは皮剥き済みatr205 17です! accord euror cl1 […]