Barbell Earrings At Claires

Double cartilage piercing on ear ouchies btw the bun is to get my hair out of the way dont like buns unless am showering getting my cartilage piercing claires […]

This is definitely my favorite piercing chose gold bar instead of your standard stainless steel the first piercing shop ed wouldnt pierce me with my gold bar so tried somewhere my industrial piercing […]

My story months after got my cartilage pierced started to have problems with my two cartilage piercings both became swollen and had large on the back with puss was at the cartilage earrings […]

If you can choose to get pierced with gun or with needle please pick the needle even if it is bit more painful and takes more time the result will be much cleaner and it will heal using latex to show you why piercing guns are bad […]

As body com team member kaitlyn gets her industrial pierced this piercing consists of connecting two holes in the ears upper cartilage it can also be ed the scaffold or constructi industrial piercing […]

As jalesa gets her industrial pierced by james at american skin art in buffalo new york money look for the needle insertions at about and first our piercer thoroughly industrial piercing experience […]