Best Rubber Roof Coating

Fleetwood flair with liquid roof done years ago the results are very discouraging and we have begin to see many many liquid roof look the same the product has some very good claims but as results of liquid roof after years not good […]

This is test between two different products the rv roof and cooling system and the big name nd coding system it is an actual one year test of the outdoor elements to show between the two coatings the best coating system for rv roofs […]

Note read this prior to coating your roof some individuals have complained that frog tape did not adhere properly and that the activator causes the tape to lose adhesion applied the rv rubber roof coating system by dicor […]

Applying liquid roof available from www epdmcoatings com to the roof of fifth wheel trailer mixing edging cutting in and the finished product liquid rubber epdm roof recoating mp4 […]