Body Art Movement

The first installment in series of art collaborations with lisa and bren combining body art with performance art in and body art movement vancouver bc canada concept body art movement fire […]

Full body charcoal drawing inspired by heather hansen and matthew barney restricted body movement […]

Julie moon dances with an led hoop after being body painted with another spectacular design by lisa hunting episode three of body art movement which cele tes the art of body body art movement hoop […]

Yoga instructor jilly danielle talks about what yoga means to her and does poses in body paint the second episode of body art movement credits bren macdonald body paint lisa body art movement yoga […]

Lisa hunting reflects on the origins of bam featuring footage from body painting compe ion featured juniper quin additional bam daryl markiewics jilly danielle julie body art movement retrospective […]

About jovinna well respected teacher of yoga conscious dance and self expression jovinna radiates contagious quality of aliveness – in both movement and stillness – that students body art movement to ocean ma with jovinna […]

Song from russia with love by huma copyright to the rightful owners of the music used in this footage for one of the subjects in my visual arts course had to do drawing performance body art performance […]

Beauty moves me to dance 2min 49sec music small memory by jon hopkins the beauty of rhonda and seville in spain moved me to dance well respected teacher of yoga conscious dance and body art movement inspire to dance […]