Body Art Sarasota

When it comes to body art beauty really is skin deep more than million americans have gone under the needle for tattoo with many putting themselves in the hands of cl trained tattoos putting the art in body art […]

Micro dermal body piercing done by crea at edge tattoo body piercing in sarasota fl this is double microdermal piercing on the stomach done with 5mm rise 5mm clear gem anium microdermal piercing body piercing by crea […]

River city body art and jewerly in regency mall raw squirrel clothing small mouse pet clothing trapo style so hammered ent top of the world ent river city body art and jewerly in regency mall […]

Veronica blades is originally from poland but now lives in london where she works as body piercer shes huge body modification enthusiast and has spent many years adjusting her appearance roni queen of british body modification […]