Body Art Tattoos Piercing

Like tattooing body piercing can get pretty intense its often considered an art form or hobby by its “prac ioners” who go beyond wearing simple jewelry to full body mutilation why most insane body piercings of all time […]

Whether you find weird piercings intriguing or repulsive its hard not to check them out heres second collection of weird piercings that will blow your mind enjoy top extremely crazy crazy piercing to blow your mind part […]

Last year popular personalities em ced the tiny tattoo trend the new trend involves covering up large body parts with high resolution tattoo patterns and shapes done with solid black ink most extreme blackout tattoos […]

Check out this tour of body art tattoos piercings in stratford nj this short clip will show you everything that goes on at body art body art tattoos piercings tour […]

Benjamin lloyd is creative tattoo artist in new zealand with twist he tattoos kids he tattoos using custom non toxic ink with an airbrush benjamin became an artist as kid in elementary tattoo artist gives kids incredible ink sleeves […]