Bully Kutta History

The name bully kutta when used to refer to breed of dog is blanket term for all breeds of fighting dog in pakistan although fanciers and enthusiasts of the breed claim that it is separate bully kutta the indian and pakistan mastiff […]

This research shows how the bully kutta evolved from the ancient alaunt and came into its present form during the research it was revealed that the bully kutta and the apbt are actually origin of the bully kutta by wajahat […]

This is dedicated to the great bullykutta breed and that its time us to realise that this breed deserves the respect and love it has earned purpose of the bully kutta by dk […]

Bully kuttas in the are the best old school pure bully kuttas pure bully kutta is usually white in colour and has deep sunken eyes with heavily wrinkled face however they can also bully kutta original pure […]

This explain the different types of bully breeds found in pakistan mostly all fighting dogs or big dogs are ed the bully kuttas which is wrong in kpk four types of bullies are found bully kutta types bully breeds found in pakistan […]

View our bully kutta facts and find out everything you need to know in one bully kutta facts single crammed full of facts on this dog breed bully kutta facts bully kutta […]

Purpose of bully kutta and history of bully kutta brief history of the breed subscribe my channel here you will find the of pakistani bully kutta and kangal dog contact purpose of bully kutta and history of bully kutta […]