Crescent Moon Tattoo Designs

Collection of great quality ographs of one word li tattoos some of which are made by some of the best small tattoo artists in the world the moon has such huge energy ocean beautiful moon tattoo designs […]

Heeeeyyy open me for all de please read below hope this helps you guys in one way or another my next is going to be vampire my tattoos […]

Hey guys finally filmed the tattoo tag woohoo so here are my small tattoos would say have like small girly tattoos lol well most of them anyway so hope you find some inspo or tattoo tag […]

Expand for links hey sloabies simply love tattoos and am addicted to getting them except likes smaller pieces because they are easier to hide and harder for people to spot my tattoo meanings […]

Hi guys today you get to see me get my first tattoo nerve trailer getting my first tattoo […]