Do Laminate Wood Floors Look Cheap

Plywood flooring check out this inexpensive alternative to traditional wood flooring that you can do for half the cost this is part one of this project more to come soon please check plywood flooring […]

If you are using quality product then you will need to know how to install it without driving yourself crazy few easy steps and viola floor how to renovation li ry how to install laminate plank flooring […]

Do you those water spots on laminate floors do your laminate floors have build up and no longer have the new shine or feel use this simple easy cheap solution to clean your floors how to clean laminate floors correctly cheap […]

This week meg shows us how to redo your kitchen floors for under perfect for all you renters out there penny floor floor make […]

In this amber decides to take on the ultimate diy project at at night unfortunately it doesnt always go as fast or as well as it should come check out our progress we were diy project trip to home depot chalk painting floors […]