Gas Mileage On 2015 F150

An unbiased real world review of f150 ecoboost fuel economy personally im always skeptical of the mpg ratings given to new vehicles so decided to put the new f150 to the test f150 ecoboost […]

Previously uploaded this ford xlt v8 owners review but it got accidentally deleted sorry here it is again ford xlt v8 owner review […]

In this mpg run we tried to find if eco mode will make difference in our with the ecoboost v6 engine we have to admit the new truck does not get as good of mileage that f150 mpg test in eco mode […]

Did my best to achieve real world fuel economy on this ecoboost v6 it was mixture of city driving and highway driving it proved that the vehicles trip computer is accurate ecoboost real world fuel economy […]