Hard Red Lump Under Skin On Face

Have been worrying about it lot and saw the gp today he very feeling hard lump under recent bad bruise can be they are very hematomas these occur when blood ac ulates under the skin what are lumps under the skin […]

Was unsure exactly what this was and sent her tissue out to confirm that this is pilomatricoma aka calcifying epithelioma of malherbe or pilomatrixoma is benign growth derived from excision of was unsure of the diagnosis during surgery […]

Red raised py lesion on the face it can be anything it can be hair root infection also ed as folliculitis pimple or it could be acne could be small sebaceous cyst could be some what causes large raised red on face and its management […]

Pilar cyst aka trichilemmal cyst an isthmus catagen cyst or “wen” looks identical on examination to the more common epidermoid cyst except that of them occur on the scalp the in her head […]

An epidermoid cyst epidermal inclusion cyst infundibular cyst is benign growth commonly found in the skin and typi appears on the face neck or trunk but can occur anywhere on get rid of this in my armpit […]