How Long Till You Cant Get An Abortion In Canada

Almost year after it was approved for sale in canada the drug known as the pill is still not available to canadian women click here for the full story pill still unavailable in canada […]

Canadian woman will soon have access to the pill known as ru click here for the full story the pill is coming to canada […]

The government of the long haired macdaddy justin trudeau has stated that if an employer does not sign an attestation saying they agree with and trans rights they will not receive canada wont fund student summer jobs unless employer supports […]

Everybody knows canadas pretty cucked from sjw infestation to islamist migrants to justin trudeau you cant say canadas not cucked at this point but just how cucked is canada in how cucked is canada part […]

The drug known as ru is used to terminate pregnancies up to gestational age of days to read more pill approved by health canada […]

Sheila gunn reid reports the liberals are pro enough but now trudeaus virtue signalling response to trump defunding planned parenthood is to make canadians fund abroad canadians fund trudeaus colonialism […]