How To Set Body Paint Cosplay

In todays brit is giving you some tips and tricks about how to best apply and seal body paint leave us like if you like the comment below what you would like to see us review cosplay diy body paint tips and tricks […]

Basic body paint tips for cosplayers which paints use how apply them and where got my arm socks music lapis flight extended from pabliski malinowski body paint […]

Heres another mini tutorial on how to apply and seal your homestuck makeup this time using snazaroo ben nye makeup application applying and sealing snazaroo […]

Welcome to lexs mini art cl lexs mini art cl will not get you certified or qualified for anything but sure can help make you more informed social media × instagram × madeyewlook what paint do you use […]

Happy ardaween here is the body painting tutorial for gamora this technique can be applied to many other characters with bright colored skin as well dont forget to like and subscribe subscribe gamora body painting tutorial […]

Most cosplayers who use water activated face body paint would tell you that setting spray is must however they tend to be expensive for what they are and inconvenient to purchase so heres diy setting spray for water […]

In this tutorial youll learn how to apply layer of dragon skin silicone to your spandex body suits to give it an extra pop material list dragon skin cosplay tutorial dragon skin for spandex suits […]