Iud Insertion Video

Obstetrician gynaecologist infertility specialist dr thanos paraschos δρ θάνος παράσχος γυναικολόγος μαιευτήρας εξιδικευμενος στην εξωσω mirena insertion and placement […]

Dr virgilio dourado sua equipe realizaram colocacao do diu dispositivo este utilizado por esta jovem paciente com finalidade contraceptiva evitar dr virgilio dourado sua colocacao do diu iud placement […]

This is not graphic but may be too much information for some people ing it was requested that vlog my experience getting the iud and talk about my thoughts of the pain process me get copper iud inserted […]

The final try was the one that worked and thank because would not have gone back to do that again not without the promise of it actually being quick painless and effective only iud insertion of […]