Kabuli Chana Vada

Cup of soaked kabuli channa cup of chopped onions boiled and mashed potatoes dry red chillies green chillies ginger paste garlic paste asafetida one pinch some curry leaves some kabuli channa vada […]

Similar to masal vada we can prepare cholevada also differance is to use chole taste good goes into snack menu especially in winter very tasty and favorite snack to kids chole is good masalavada with chole chickpeas fritters […]

Masala vada is savory fritter prepared with chana dal gram dal and few es they are deep fried and served channa dal crispy dumpling masala vada masala vada […]

How to make kabuli chana tikki recipe chick pea cutlets tikki recipe indian vegetarian recipe subscribe here to get updated on every new recipe kabuli kabab […]

Its tastes more than usual masala vada its healthy evening snack for the school childen chickpea vada […]

Masala vada recipe chana dal vada recipe masal vadai recipe masala vada recipe […]