Knee Surgery Rehabilitation

Having had total knee replacement surgery am filming the progress of recovery in physical therapy this is day one at the athletic performance center in raleigh north carolina total knee replacement physical therapy […]

Get great results designed by our expert physiotherapy team simply follow the exercises in real time to complete your rehabilitation exercises after your knee surgery simply repeat what best knee arthroscopy exercises weeks and post […]

Physical the bob schrupp and heineck present the two exercises that are highly recommended for those who have undergone knee replacement surgery make sure to like us on facebook after knee replacement two critical exercises […]

Famous physical the bob schrupp and heneick describe the most common mistakes people make when doing their rehabilitation on their knee replacement make sure to like us on knee replacement rehab top mistakes people make […]

Maria our patient has tibialis anterior allograft for her acl reconstruction and we are showing her how to activate and strengthen her quadriceps and vmo with the knee extension heel raise vmo and quads activation exercise after acl knee surgery […]

Todays al roker is back at work less than two weeks after knee replacement surgery al reveals the rigorous course of physical therapy that helped get him back on his feet so quickly he inside al rokers road to recovery after knee replacement […]