Kohler Pop Up Tub Drain Replacement

Pop up tub train stopper can be replaced in couple of minutes so long as you know what youre doing repair pop up tub drain stopper with help from licensed plumber in this free bathroom repair how to repair pop […]

Had to replace this lift turn bathtub drain because the pin to hold up the lid was broken taking out the old kohler drain was problem because the pin was loose in there after rotating replace broken lift and turn bathtub drain kohler […]

In this show you how to replace toe touch bathtub drain stopper there are many different types of stoppers that are used in bathtubs however was quite confused when trying to how to replace bathtub drain stopper toe touch […]

Now that youve replaced the trip lever on your tub drain you notice it isnt properly stopping the water this short how to adjust the lever mechanism so it does how to adjust trip lever bathtub drain […]

Does your bathtub slowly empty while bathing does your bath drain not appear to open enough adjust your clicking bath drain in minutes replace and adjust clicking bath drain […]