Laparoscopic Back Surgery Herniated Disc

Our of minimally invasive lumbar microdiscectomy performed through an mm dime sized incision what is commonly referred to as laser spine surgery spine surgery for more minimally invasive microdiscectomy l5 […]

In this animation we explain what hernia is and that this condition can involve discs in the spine although in many cases herniated discs recover without intervention sometimes surgery herniated disc […]

Laser endoscopic spine surgery is utilized to treat disc herniation or bulging disc thats causing sciatica back pain thats radiating to the and 7mm incision is used to laser endoscopic spine surgery […]

Dr girish datar centre for endoscopic spine surgery interventional spine pain management sushruta hospital for orthopedics traumatology www spinescopy com drgirishdatar gmail com endoscopic spine surgery […]

Lumbar microdisc minimally invasive surgery removal of the free fragments and herniated disc off of the nerves in the lower spine region sciatica pain surgery removal of free fragment and discectomy […]