Local Tattoo Shops Looking For Apprentices

The alliance of professional tattooists or apt for short recommends an apprenticeship of at least three years during an apprenticeship prospective artist will work in shop alongside how long does it take to become tattoo artist […]

Tattoo pricing explained how do artists work out their pricing what is the elusive minimum charge and whats the difference between piece rate an hourly rate also totally not slagging off how tattoo prices work ask tattoo artist […]

To tip or not to tip that is the question give my opinion on whether or not you should tip your tattoo artist tattoo bo ngs hollyastral gmail com instagram tipping your tattoo artist ask tattoo artist […]

With his traditional chinese japanese patterns jimmy ho now in his sixties remains one of the coolest and most forward thinking tattooists in hong kong james ho jimmys father is hong kong tattoo end vice intl china […]

In this give advice to anyone who is lo ng to get tattoo help you know how to go about setting up an appointment and how to know which artist will be the best fit for you make how to get tattoo advice to new clients […]