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Gianni rivera however do think theres someone who was even better than messi and thats pele he used both feet on the pitch he was as dangerous with his right as he was with his left go maradona in pele might have been better than me […]

Franz beckenbauer pele is the greatest player of all time he reigned supreme for years all the others go maradona johan cruyff michel platini rank beneath him theres no one away pele vs hamburg sv […]

Will mcavoy jeff daniel the nail straight on the head in the opening minutes on hbos new series the newsroom he is asked by col student simple question during campus the newsroom […]

Cristiano ronaldo pele is the greatest player in football history and there would only be one pele in the world johan cruyff pele was the only footballer who surp ed the boundaries vicente del bosque and emilio butragueno talk about pele […]

Bobby moore pele was the most complete player ive ever seen he had everything two good feet magic in the air quick powerful could beat people with skill could outrun people only pele rare dribbling goals […]

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