My Dog Has A Open Sore On His Paw

Hannah came in with real swollen foot checked for wounds broken toenail and broken toe didnt find wounds or anything broken treated hannah with an antibiotic cream and an injection swollen red feet and pads in dog […]

When connor smells bunny she goes bezurk when she came back noticed limb didnt see anything but ed deb to take her home by car we looked several times but didn see anything so cute how to treat big wound on dogs paw […]

Pad injury on dog is usually marked by bleeding and swelling and these are often caused by running and on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt discover the importance of dog health how to treat pad injury on dog […]

In this dr jones shows you how to tell if your dog or cats bite wound is serious then specific steps to take to treat an abscess at home abscess and bite wounds treating at home […]