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Alright lets get straight to the punch xe lade chronicles is excellent heck could go so far as to say that like it more than kid icarus uprising tf2 and my other favorite games combined top xe lade chronicles end ba quotes […]

Love all of my best friends and they need more than just to show how much appreciate them best friend quotes […]

Why are islam and mormonism so similar because the devil forgot to check google calendar for birthdays apparently also recognize that most of the captions fly by too quickly to read latter day re […]

Grab some coffee and get load of these funny good morning quotes youll get the impression that theres no such thing as morning person no matter how smart or successful you are funny good morning quotes images […]

Deadaction to my bestest friend in the world miss her so made her this vidoe so she can see it online hope you like it wish youd move back sorry if it seems like im saying random stuff best friend quotes […]

This are in my opinion the best lines from barney in the series hope you enjoy top barney stinson quotes […]