Norwegian Christmas Tree London 2015

Today is vlogmas day and take look at the christmas tree is londons trafalgar square which is gifted each year from the people of norway the head down to the crypt of st martins trafalgar square christmas tree london gift from norway […]

The 70th christmas tree to be donated by oslo to london is being cut today before being shipped to london report by sarah duffy londons christmas tree is on its way […]

Christmas in londons trafalgar square is significant tradition each year since christmas tree has been given to the people of london from the city of oslo and the people of norway trafalgar square christmas tree lighting ceremony london […]

70ft christmas tree an annual gift from the people of norway to britain for the allies role in liberating their nation goes up in trafalgar square marking the start of festive season in time lapse 70ft christmas tree raised in trafalgar square […]

The connaughts inaugural christmas tree stands at over 30ft tall designed by hirst – long time friend of the el the decorated norway spruce draws inspiration from the sense of hope the connaught christmas tree […]