Parking Spaces For Sale In New York City

The most expensive parking es in new york city are set to be put up for sale at the cost of one million dollars each forget about owning an apartment even the parking es in mahattan million dollar parkin for sale in nyc […]

Headline nyc parking fetches caption and you thought the apartments were expensive nyc parking es are selling for nyc parkin costs […]

New building in new yorks expensive soho neighborhood is now offering parkin in their underground garage to people who buy condos in the building for just one million dollars nyc now has million […]

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Parking isnt easy in new york city there is parking open in brooklyn but it will cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars and some people say theyre willing to pay for the pricey brooklyn parkin up for sale has ive price tag […]

Aug two developers of new york city luxury condos are asking million for single parkin at the buildings on top of the cost of the condo bloombergs matt miller and olivia 1m for guaranteed nyc parking […]