Pelvic Pain After Endometriosis Surgery

Was recently diagnosed with stage iv severe endometriosis please share this it is very important to get the word out about endometriosis because this is nasty disease if left vlog emergency surgery for endometriosis […]

Update on how am doing after robotic surgery to remove endometriomas from my ovaries adhesions from the pelvic cavity and chromotubation to the patency of my fallopian weeks after endometriosis surgery […]

Laparoscopy uses smaller surgical cut than open surgery there is less blood loss with laparoscopic surgery and less pain after surgery you will spend some time in recovery area as you diagnostic treatment procedure for pelvic laparoscopy […]

Trigger warning in this discuss suicidal ideation •• here it is finally im sharing my laparoscopy experience including post op complications and the emotional aspects my endometriosis laparoscopy […]

Thanks for stopping by my channel have officially hit over views so think now is great time to consistently make hope in this share things things didnt know about surgery recovery […]

This is the case of female patient with low abdominal pain complain she has given birth year before through cesarian section at the right side of the scar of approximately abdominal wall endometriosis […]