Pokemon Light Platinum Hack Walkthrough Guide

Alright we make it to dardusk city we go to the dardusk city gym we get trapped in the dardusk city gym becayse of hte puzzle and we try to guide through it problem game pokemon light pokemon light platinum […]

How to solve this frustrating puzzle pokemon light platinum version is rom hack of nintendos pokemon ruby version for the game boy advanced do not claim to own anything game freak solving the dardusk city gym puzzle […]

Everyone and welcome to my nd new lets play this isnt your average pokemon game in fact it isnt even made by gamefreak its actually hack of the game pokemon ruby its ed pokemon light platinum […]

This is the code that will be entered in the list make sure you click gameshark before entering the code 280ea266 88a62e5c this is code for pokemon light platinum and pokemon pokemon light platinum pokemon ruby […]

We begin new adventure in the zhery region this pokemon hack consists of pokemon from generations and we will meet many characters from different regions along the way play along with lets play pokemon light platinum […]