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It turns out life may have gotten its start pretty early in earths history and while the first couple billion years saw several important developments the period was still dominated by very brief history of life survival is hard […]

For centuries the book has been the site where culture and technology meet here in period images is an abbreviated history of the handheld device that has stood the test of time the book the book in brief history […]

What happens to your body without food be part of the global citizen movement what if you stopped eating […]

For the twelfth episode of “ ins creed real history” we continue to explore the franchises historical time periods by discussing the italian renaissance cycle of cultural transform the italian renaissance […]

Autonews trail of million year old fossil footprints discovered in crete could upend the widely accepted theories on early human evolution the new prints have distinctly human like breaking news […]

Correction ezras return should appear between the rebuilding of the temple and the rebuilding of the wall for more minute print of the timeline script see minute bible study timeline […]