Reclaimed Coffee Table Set

Made this coffee table from lengths of reclaimed oak floorboards used mdf as base to attach the timber to used hairpin made from steel really enjoyed this one let reclaimed coffee table make it modern project […]

Happy new year really enjoyed building this table used 200x75 recycled oregon that used to be window heads in typical timber framed house 100x50 rhs was used for the coated reclaimed wood coffee table with steel […]

Received these timbers in the summer and they have been taking up lot of room in my shop decided to use few of them to make new coffee table for my living room was limited by coffee table […]

Thanks to diresta for the simple design of this coffee table plans for the table are available here reclaimed coffee table […]

Dan of edson turns delay of custom railing install into positive using his carpentry ability to build reclaimed wood coffee table for his client while dan has now done few edson hardwood […]

Some year old sea defence timbers are repurposed as rustic coffee table along with couple of pieces of an old whiskey barrel reclaimed wood coffee table […]