River Rock Fire Pit

River rocks are not like the kind of stones found at your local home improvement stores some arent porous and have air trapped in them when placed around burning fire that air subsequently why you should not use river rock in fire pit […]

Yeah hahaha was making another pit oven and got so exited about finding some nice flat sand stone didnt think about how wet the stone was and it blew up to the point it turned my fire inside exploding pit oven stone […]

Demonstration of how the outdoor fire pit ceramic river rock looks in an outdoor fire pit that is lit outdoor fire pit ceramic river rock […]

Jay takes homeowner through the steps of building backyard fire pit for more holiday tips backyard fire pit building tips […]

Lucido cove episode this will be series of of the property we have at the lake of the ozarks there will be more of some of the projects we have going on in our cove stone fire pit build at the lake […]