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Lavatera clementii rosea tree mallow lavatera thuringeaca is very fast growing evergreen shrub that blooms profusely in the spring and summer in northern california inland it is lavatera clementii rosea […]

Learn how to train david austin roses as flowering wall find out how to get them to produce more flowers and display them as vertical flowering wall best way to prune and train climbing roses […]

Syringa red pixie is terrific dwarf lilac that has outperformed all other lilacs in trials at garden splendor david wilson takes look at it in his garden and explains why you should best flowering shrubs […]

Itsgardeningtime com years ago we planted three inch tall neon spirea bushes we made sure to them apart according to the planting instructions thankfully these gorgeous shrubs low maintenance border shrub […]

Abelia gran edward goucher glossy abelia is an evergreen shrub with of pink flowers in summer and fall to learn more please the to learn more about this and many other abelia grandiflora edward goucher […]

See what is flowering trees shrubs and plants including fruit and citrus trees natives camellias this winter at wyee nursery great ideas and inspiration for your home and garden winter flowering plants trees and shrubs […]

All gardeners like year round colour winter flowering plants not only add colour they also attract bees and beneficial insects some of these colourful plants can also be grown in pots winter flowering plants for garden and container […]