Small Back Tattoos

This is an update hi guys this was made about three years ago with much different me have several tattoos now as well haha and wasnt sure what to do with all of the my first tattoo experience […]

The back might be one of the best choices to get cute small tattoo lot of people start their first tattoo there as the back is the largest area of canvas on the body want to get featured back tattoo ideas for women […]

Heeeeyyy open me for all de please read below hope this helps you guys in one way or another my next is going to be vampire my tattoos […]

Tattoo for girls on hand tattoo for girls on tattoo for girls on chest tattoo for girls body tattoo for girls on wrist side tattoo for girls on arm tattoo for girls on wrist tattoo tattoos for girls […]

Weekly recap the day finally arrived to get my first tattoo got it on friday 23rd september and im super thrilled with it decided to get mandala style lotus flower on the upper got my first tattoo […]

Expand for links hey sloabies simply love tattoos and am addicted to getting them except likes smaller pieces because they are easier to hide and harder for people to spot my tattoo meanings […]