Texas Body Art Reviews

The sony a6300 is one of our favourite apsc cameras so we were surprised when an update was announced after less than year boasting in body stabilization touch screen and hugely enhanced sony a6500 hands […]

When you become as iconic as jeff goldblum fans are going to get portraits of you tattooed on their body we asked goldblum to rate his likeness in ink like to look at jeffgoldblum jeff goldblum critiques jeff goldblum tattoos […]

The sony a5100 is perhaps one of the best deals in cameras right now in terms of bang for the buck its not the perfect camera but what you get in terms of image quality for both still os sony a5100 the best deal in ography […]

New zealand body art showcase promo special thanks to the new zealand body art trust for use of the footage this will possibly be my next feature film do entary my art and song book new zealand body art showcase promo […]