Universal Tub Spout With Diverter

Tips for installing universal tub diverter spout the last time replaced tub diverter spout bought spouts one that would work on threaded and one that would work on copper universal tub diverter spout installation […]

Not smart man tried to replace the spout on my drain because it limed up and quit turning the shower faucet on looked at couple of and could not read the small print danco universal spout replacement […]

Replacing your tub spout is easy this minute build your confidence now save yourself some money and do it yourself here is my updated version bathtub spout diverter replacement easy […]

This will demonstrate how to remove and replace the bathtub spout to replace your spout simply remove the spout go to your local plumbing supply store and acquire new replacement how to replace bathtub spout […]

Replacing tub spout is an easy project that you can definitely handle yourself its great way to upgrade the look of your bathroom or to repair spout that has seen better days how to replace tub spout […]

This short shows you how to easily replace shower spout with diverter many shower faucets have this and they can eventually go bad why pay an overpriced plumber to do it when replacing shower spout with diverter […]