Vegetable Garden Mulch Weed Control

In your flower beds if you just put garden mulch or bark dust on the ground you will grow bunch of weeds but if you put newspaper or cardboard down first easy organic weed control with newspaper mulch […]

Want weed free vegetable garden this weed fabric provides natural weed control this is follow up to our weed barrier we did here natural weed control in the vegetable garden […]

This of how use black garden mulch black polyethylene black plastic mulch mil contributes to earlier and higher yields weed control increased black magic vegetable garden with kvusmc […]

We need to mulch our garlic and strawberries so they are protected from the cold weather coming the mulch will also help insulate the soil to reduce watering super effective weed […]

Joey shows how to use cardboard as mulch or weed cover cardboard as mulch […]