Very Potter Musical Act 1 Part 10 Youtube

The time for the annual yule ball is here and its time for the kids to get their dress robes learn to dance and ask that special someone to the most important romantic event of the school very potter musical act part […]

While at hogsmeade umbridge and dumbledore hop on the good foot and head on down to the three broomsticks for night of singing dancing and the traditional welcome to hogwarts body very potter sequel act part […]

Election day has come who will win the votes that stinker potter or that smelly kid draco if only there was third option very potter senior year is fan made parody musical very potter senior year act part […]

At the yule ball ron and draco see hermione and their breath is taken away moved to an emotional state beyond mere words all the boys can do to express themselves is sing now on this night very potter musical act part […]

The yule ball turns into night harry and his pals were not expecting one that might change all of their lives forever remember port key can be any sort of seemingly harmless object very potter musical act part […]

The day of the first task has arrived and harry might not be as prepared as hoped he would be when his magical abilities arent enough will his boyish charm and good looks get him out of very potter musical act part […]

Its time to go back in time that is see how it all began as harry sets off for his very first year at hogwarts hes ready to go but our hero is in for surprise or two when he meets very potter sequel act part […]

When hermione tries to look cool and goes into the shrieking shack on bet its up to harry and ron to save her from the monster that lives there very potter sequel is an unofficial very potter sequel act part […]

Get ready for musical adventure as harry and his pals go back to school for another year of learning shenanigans only this year their wizarding world gets turned on its head when the dark very potter musical act part […]