Water Damage Samsung Galaxy 2

Easy way how to fix phones dropped in water water damage not working no power no touchscreen no display screen no audio sound volume review guide this worked for samsung galaxy phone but how to fix samsung phone dropped in water not working […]

This shows how we repair water damage mobile phones this samsung galaxy s2 was sent into us for water damage repair service the phone did not power up at all now its fully working samsung galaxy s2 i9100 water damaged repair […]

Hi friends in this will tell you step by step process to repair your dead phone by water logging you would need following things isopropyl alcohol pure rice how to fix water damaged mobile […]

Water damage can take lot of value out of your phone the gazellelab shows you how to check to see if your galaxy s3 has water damage the water damage indicators are behind the batter and how to check for water damage on your samsung galaxy s3 […]