Wilderness First Aid Boy Scouts

March wilderness first aid cl for group of boy scout leaders this is training scenario in which simulated patient one of the students has fallen from wall while rock climbing wilderness first aid scenario […]

The blue gr council of the boy scouts of america pratice wilderness first aid during their ree on your blue gr army depot in richmond kentucky on septemeber 30th october 1st and 2nd boy scouts practicing first aid […]

Basic wilderness survival kit as put together by asm mr strickler of troop midlothian va before anyone comments yes there is duct tape it is wrapped up around paper in the bsa wilderness survival vid avi […]

Fulfilling the requirements for the boy scout first aid kit it is ok to add more than what is shown here personally would add metal tweezers safety pin hand sanitizer and some the boy scout first aid kit […]

We went out to the national forest to spot with lot of overgrowth to work on the wilderness survival merit badge here we built shelters worked on fire skills butchered and killed wilderness survival merit badge with scouts […]

We do survival and first aid course vid is of shelters built and some campfire co ng and take down of hammock setup wilderness first aid training […]