Worlds Smallest Tattoo

Getting tattoo for most is pretty serious decision like getting dressed in the morning tattoos are way of expressing yourself just li more permanent so for li eye tiny tattoos to inspire your first ink […]

The worst tattoo ideas ever from the craziest face tattoos to the biggest ink fails heres compilation of the worst tattoo disasters gone wrong subscribe for new worst tattoo ideas ever […]

Enjoy awesome insect tattoos insects tattoos have become more and more popular over the last few years despite the disgust and even phobia often ociated with these tiny animals the awesome insect tattoos […]

Tattoos arent for everyone and understandably so—not everyone wants to get something permanently etched into their skin and while many still opt for look at me designs that are more traditiona tiny tattoo ideas youll want to get immediately […]

If youre tattoo virgin and youre seriously considering changing that its highly likely that you will start off with tiny tat this wont make you an expert on the topic of body art li tattoos you can get inked in minutes or less […]

This guy has an unfortunate tattoo above his and the tattoo fixers need to see if his really is smaller than pence coin the episode on all this guys tiny is smaller than 5p coin […]

Recently rose the popularity of small tattoos like the tiny tattoo mini tattoo and micro tattoo the tiny tattoo puts modern spin on this ancient art of the skin mini tattoo is easier top best places for mini tattoos […]